vncs suicidal tendencies

Fri, 17 Aug 2018 17:46:40 EDT

vncs 492: suicide: sys: trap: fault read addr=0x10 pc=0x20ef0d

after update today, the above is 100% repeatable.
the hardware is amd64.
the addresses do not change, regardless of client or options.

to trigger the suicide, attempt to connect with any of these clients: * realvnc 6.17.1113 for windows * tightvnc 2.8.11 for windows * realvnc 3.3.1 for android * remote desktop manager 3.91 for kindle fire

the vncs command is any of these: vncs -Ag 1680x1000 -d :0 /bin/rio -i rs vncs -Ad :0 /bin/rio -i rs vncs -A /bin/rc vncs -A /bin/rio vncs /bin/rio

in the last case, vncs crashes (and disconnects) before the client shows any password form. (except remote desktop manager, which shows a password form before even starting to connect.)

could we please try to test vncs with STANDARD clients before pushing changes? realvnc is from the company which invented vnc. tightvnc has been around since the 90s.

there is also something i should have looked into years ago; a bug introduced in 9front. vncs no longer recognizes the control key as sent by realvnc or tightvnc clients, or if i remember right, even vncv. (in short, it’s borked with every client but that one weird broken one mischief uses. :p ) i didn’t see a message about fixing this from sysupdate -i; apologies if i missed it.

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