Sat, 19 Sep 2015 13:00:48 EDT

in 9vx, i have chorded in acme and rio for years with no strange behaviour, no failures.

with the same hardware and the same 9vx binary, chording in sam fails. today i particularly observe the button-3 menu appearing in a 1-3 chord while button 1 is still held down. this is easy to observe if the last item selected in the button-3 menu is “sam” which selects the command window. it’s random, about 50:50 whether the menu comes up or the chord succeeds, despite the fact that i do not release button 1 at this stage.

i expect the only part 9vx has to play in all this is simply being slower than real hardware.


Jan 9, 2015

1 iru.muzgo

Do you run 9front on 9vx?

Jan 21, 2015

2 tereniaopensim

I did, for about three years altogether. For two of those years I ran the 9vx instance as a regular terminal, mounting its fs from my native fileserver. Problems were rare, but I didn’t expect too much. I’ve now switched to accessing my Plan 9 session over VNC, it suits my lifestyle better.

I just checked; the problem still occurs when running sam under vncs with vncviewer from tightvnc as the client under linux/xorg. It does not occur when the client is vncv under native 9front. I also have problems with scrolling acme using the tightvnc client, as well as with p9p acme under the same xorg instance, so I’m inclined to write this off as a general xorg problem.

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